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Green Cleaners was born right in the heart of Vancouver, Canada. Our sights were set high as we aimed to become the leading non-toxic cleaning company – and let me tell you, the journey has been nothing short of exhilarating! Here at Green Cleaners, we hold honesty, hard work, and above all, meticulous cleaning in the highest regard.

With every sweep, scrub, and polish, our mission remains the same: to share the joy of a pristine home with every household we touch. Our enthusiasm for turning homes into sparkling havens and offering solace to our clients knows no bounds. We've crafted an extensive array of services that cater to all your cleaning whims.

What's our secret weapon? A team of seasoned pros who are armed with not only expertise, but also a genuine passion for what they do. Whether it's a deep-dive cleaning escapade or regular upkeep, Green Cleaners is your trusty sidekick.


So, whether you're a Vancouver local or beyond, if you're looking for a touch of cleaning magic that's toxin-free and filled with care, look no further – we're here to transform your space into a sanctuary of freshness.

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Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada


(604) 417-4718



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